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Coinfirm's CEO Talks Blockchain Adoption in Major European Media

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin keep growing into the consciousness of the masses as yesterday Coinfirm’s CEO Paweł Kuskowski appeared in mainstream European media, Rzeczpospolita’s TV show “Rzecz o biznesie” (The thing about business). He spoke about the growth of blockchain awareness and adoption, Coinfirm’s focus on solving problems and not just commercialization, as well as more insight into Coinfirm’s successful pilot of Trudatum with the largest bank in Central Europe PKO BP. Video in the link below: WATCH HERE: This marks yet another movement of the innovative technology towards global renown and legitimacy. Coinfirm’s steady commitment to bring blockchain closer to major companies and m...

  •  11 Aug 2017
  •  Coinfirm

When a regulator knocks - Managing Virtual Currency and Financial Crime Risk in the Regulated Sector

At Coinfirm’s latest Blockchain event, regulatory and financial crime compliance expert Lee Byrne and Coinfirm CEO Pawel Kuskowski shared their view and experience on what steps firms needs to take to manage your business and protect yourself in the virtual and cryptocurrency space in the regulated sector.  Below our CEO lays out some important takeaways for any business operating in the blockchain asset/cryptocurrency space. From the Financial Action Task Force (“FATF”) FinTech and RegTech Forum’ (2017) FATF is the foremost inter-government regulatory standards setter for financial crime and anti-money laundering. The FATF forum discussed the significant trends and developments of FinTech and RegTech and how the financial services landscap...

  •  07 Aug 2017
  •  Coinfirm

The Hidden Gem: Blockchain in Poland

Although Poland can’t be called the world leader in terms of technological innovation, it appears that in a lot of ways it is one of the more mature markets regarding blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Praised as a revolution matching the level of the Internet, below I described four companies operating or originating in Poland that are pushing forward in the blockchain space. appeared in 2013 as one of the first Polish initiatives to enable Bitcoin to be used in the same way as traditional currencies. The mission of the founders is to bring the payments with digital currency wherever we pay with a card or cash on a daily basis. In most cases to pay in Bitcoin we must first exchange our funds into a traditional currency through a ...

  •  27 Jul 2017
  •  Coinfirm

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