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SEI Exploring Blockchain with Coinfirm in Their New Regtech Incubator “Codify”

The leading global financial services company recently launched Codify, a Regtech incubator with multiple startups partaking including the blockchain innovator As regulations become more complex along with the disruption of Fintech, the urgency for effective Regtech grows and this is reflected in the massive interest in the field over the past year. Also a tech […]

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Bitcoin’s technology may be integrated into current digital payment systems

Bitcoin is one of the most unique alternative currencies in the world. Apart from the fact that transactions made through Bitcoin eliminate unnecessary costs, central governments can’t remove it from the market because it isn’t regulated.  Popular media channels have documented the problems surrounding Bitcoin, and it is these very intricacies that make financial experts […]

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ABN AMRO Bank among institutions to Pilot Coinfirm’s Blockchain Verification Platform

ABN AMRO’s innovation hub Econic, recently accepted 17 startups to run a pilot for adoption by the Dutch bank. With blockchain being a focus of banks and the financial industry as a whole right now, included among the couple blockchain startups selected was Coinfirm. Known for our Blockchain Analytics & Compliance platform, we entered the […]

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Chatting with Frankenmint: Bitcoin reddit mod and Honey Badger of Money

One of the Coinfirm founders recently sat down to have a discussion with Frankenmint. Known to many in bitcoin circles, Frankenmint is a moderator for the infamous Bitcoin Reddit, creator of and an early adopter and visionary around crypto. In our discussion we asked Frankenmint a few questions to see his perspective. Here they […]

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